Integrated Intelligent Research (IIR) India
Integrated Intelligent Research (IIR)
"Gateway for Educational Empowerment"

Integrated Intelligent Research (IIR), India is a gateway for Higher Education Empowerment in India. IIR is a solution provider for the implementation of Quality Management system for contentious improvement of Higher Educational institution via Research , Publication, Conferences, Training and Development.
IIR is offering services and supports to the Institutions to achieve their mission and objectives. IIR is assisting for accreditation process, Publication in Journals, Preparation of Research proposals, Organize Conferences and Automation of institutional process using software which leads to secure national and International accredidations. IIR is offering training and development process for both faculty and students for their skill development , professional enhancements and placements. IIR is organizing national, international conferences, workshops, seminars in collaboration with national and international Institutes and research organization. IIR works in partnership with conference organizers for publication as well as functional assistance . IIR established the IIR Scientific Society to bring awareness on ongoing research to the higher Educational stakeholders. Ten research groups are formed to ensure sharing of knowledge and current issues for the specific domain. The research groups organizes special talks and training to the members through webinar.

IIR Activities

  • International Journal Publications
  • International/National/Virtual Conferences
  • Research Projects
  • Accreditation
  • Training Programs
  • Software Services
  • Consultancy
  • Society and Research Groups
  • Industry Institution Research Collaborations

Features of IIR Groups

  • International Journal Publications
  • Journals with ISSN numbers
  • DOI numbers for each Articles
  • Indexed in more than 20 leading data base and Citation
  • SEO for each Published papers
  • Double blind review
  • Plagiarism report ensure the originality
  • Conferences
  • In collaborations with national and international Institutes
  • Experts as part of panel , advisory board and technical review committee
  • published in Journal with SCOPUS indexed ,DOI numbers
  • Domain based Conferences
  • Multi Disciplinary and Virtual conferences
  • Research Projects in the current technology
  • Design and Implement Quality Management system to support for national and International Accreditations such as ABET, NACC,NBA, NCAAA and SQF
  • Training Programmes as per the need of target group in research areas, technology and domain applications
  • Software Services for Schools, Colleges/university , Hospitals, Health Care, Mobile applications and ERPs
  • Consultancy for technology enabled Institutional empowerment
  • Society and Research Groups to discuss the current technology , research, educational and social issues
  • Industry Institution Research Collaborations for the growth of Institutions and Industry