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About IIR

Integrated Intelligent Research (IIR) is a gateway for Educational Empowerment established in the year 2012. IIR is providing solution for Institutional Strategic Development, Closing the Assessment Loops, Implementation of Outcome Based Education (OBE), Academic Audit, Establishment of Skill Enhancement Center, Skill Development Training Program, Research Journal Publications, Organizing Academic Events Such as Conference, Workshop and Seminar, Placement Assistance and Setting up Educational Quality Management System (E-QMS) for Accreditation.


Integrated Intelligent Research (IIR)-India is a gateway for educational empowerment.


IIR become a model resource center for higher educational empowerment through providing academic and its alliance Services.

Our Services

We are offering following services

Journals and Publications

As part of the knowledge sharing process, the IIR-India launched five journals in 2011....

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IIR Academy

Learn today's most in demand online skill courses....

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Center of Excellence

Training leading to Industry Certifications & Research and Innovation.....

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3D Printing Technology in product development, Various Types of 3D Printing....

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IIR Gallery

Our Workshop,Conference,Traning and previous IIR events photos here .....

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IIR Profile

IIR Detailed Profile Pined here...

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Get Every Single Answers There if you want

IIR is interested to collaborate and continue to provide following activities to the universities and/or colleges
  • Provide knowledge sharing between the Industry(IIR) and Institutions
  • Promotion of scientific research project, conference, workshops, seminar, events and activities
  • Act as affiliated research resource center as well as facilitation center for research program to the national and international researchers
  • Organizing conferences and workshop in collaboration with the University/ College
  • Training for faculty / students in the emerging and upcoming technologies
IIR is ready to collaborate for every good work in the field of education. If your organization is interested to collaborate and organize the conferences, publications,accreditations, training and placement services then reach us via email to or call +91-9791163515.
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